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Recreational Soccer with out Partners at Oshkosh Youth Soccer

Oshkosh Youth Soccer Club

The Oshkosh Youth Soccer Club  is a Recreational league provides a fun and friendly environment for area youth to develop soccer, social and competitive skills. 

The league is made up of age divisions that break down into even years. Divisions Start at U6 and include U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18. As players make their way through the various age divisions they will be supported by an age appropriate rules and curriculum that is tailored to their level of play.

We encourage all young players just starting out with soccer to get involved with this long standing Oshkosh Recreational program. The program contains many dedicated organizers and an incredible end of the season tournament known as Soccer Saturday. There is no better more affordable and enjoyable place to introduce your child to the sport of soccer. 

For more information and to sign your child up to for the Oshkosh Youth Soccer Experience please visit their Website HERE.