Water Cities Soccer Club Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy:

  • Treat all players with dignity and respect
  • Provide all players with instruction, motivation and the training to develop their skills
  • Provide a setting for teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Provide a challenging level at which each player can succeed
  • It’s the coaches job to coach both your child and the team

Team/Player Guidelines and Expectations

  • Come dressed and ready for practice
  • Practice is important and should not be missed without notification to coach
  • Players are encouraged to communicate their concerns to their coach themselves

Parent / Fan Guidelines:

  • Be your child’s #1 Fan
    • It is your role to praise your child’s effort
  • Support and cheer for ALL players on the team
  • Understand/display appropriate game behavior –
    • This INCLUDES respecting all players, coaches, parents, fans, AND referees
  • As a fan – be just that – do not coach from the sideline!
    • It is confusing to players to hear too much coaching!
    • The players need to have ONE instructional voice – The Coaches
  • If your child plays on other teams, their roles/positions may be different here


  • coaches decisions are for the good of the team
  • Monitor eating and sleeping habits of your kids – make sure they are nourished and rested for
  • games
  • Make sure your child is on time to practices and games
  • Encourage additional practice outside of scheduled practice time

This Club is in place for the KIDS – We want them to have an opportunity to play and learn the game of soccer and to HAVE FUN!